Friday, September 2, 2011

More blocks

Not really feeling it this past week, kinda lost a bit o verve. It's probably the post vacation blues, so I will keep it short and just show you this weeks farmer's wife blocks. Oh, also yesterday was my birthday, and I totally cleaned up gift wise, thanks to all my lovely peeps around me. I have yet to snap any pics of the great gifts but I will definitely post again soon.

Week 14, blocks #4 & #44 (isn't it kinda weird all the fours happening? strange!)

So there they are...I changed the layout of block #4, for me i just liked it a bit better this way. Hope everyone is having a good week, I would love to know what you all do to help pull yourselves out of a funk. Like eating chocolate, reading a trashy book, going to the gym...I don't really do this last one but I hear it helps :)


  1. #4 is a beauty - and for de-funking - look in the mirror and start laughing, or put the music on REALLY LOUD and dance like a lunatic - both of these work for me! keep smiling