Saturday, October 15, 2011

playing catch up...

So, I have been a bit lax in blog posting so this is going to be another marathon farmers wife post...hope you enjoy, sorry in advance!!

week 16 : blocks #24 & #79

I have trouble using the warm colour palette so I have been trying to use the fall colour change for some inspiration. Funny thing, I didn't realize until after I made the blocks that I used the Heather Ross "matryoshka" fabric in both blocks.

week 17 : blocks #53 and #64

week 18 : blocks #34 and #46

week 19 : blocks #71 and #90

I am in love a little with these two blocks...I have a mental list going of the ones I like the best and these guys are creeping to the top. It's funny how you can love some more than others, I wonder why? hm. So after this one I am all caught up!!! yeah me!

week 20 : blocks #18 and #51

Phew, that's better now I am all caught up! I told you it would be a marathon. For week #20 I was up for a bit of a challenge so block #18 fit the bill. I have never worked with shapes other than squares or triangles so this was cool to see how different shapes came together to create triangles that could then be pieced into block and so on.

Hope everyone enjoys there weekend, James and I are off to Niagara on the Lake for a cocktail party...doesn't that sound grown up!! Oh what to wear? I always feel so uncomfortable in big girl clothes, I really just love my jeans and sweaters and scarves!! sigh, pointy uncomfortable shoes here I come...

Enjoy the blustery day everyone.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

oh my gosh

Well what a busy few weeks I have had!! I joined another great group "crochet school". I have to say this has been on my list of crafty things to learn/try. I have tried using a few different books and just really couldn't figure it out, which was pretty frustrating because there were all these cute amigarumi patterns out there that I wanted to make, and don't forget about giant crochet throws made out of scrumptious wools. This school, I cant tell you how impressed I am, our teacher Dana is really fantastic, she just seems to know how to simplify things and I just seem to be able to pick up the different stitches and techniques.

So here is my first EVER crochet, that actually looks like crochet...I am pretty chuffed with myself I must say. So if you are interested in learning this pretty funky crafty thing hop on over to her blog and join the class and flickr group. It really is way easier and more fun than I thought I would be having, even when it is really frustrating. Also, a big thanks to my neighbour Carolyn, because without her help I may have given up after the first lesson.

On another note I have been a bit bad about posting to the farmers wife quilt along group. I have been making blocks but not posting, I am a ping pong ball what can I say, I cant seem to stop bouncing from one thing to another. Sadly I just cant seem to bounce to this here blog on a regular basis. I am going to try and post some of my farmers wife blocks tomorrow.

Hope all is well wherever you are.