Thursday, September 15, 2011

two more sleeps...

Well, oh my, the weekend is fast approaching and my hands have actually cramped up a few times these past few days, but I think I am close to being ready for this weekends show. I am going to have a booth again this year at the "Danforth East Arts Fair", and no matter how prepared I think I am I never am totally relaxed, I am pretty sure my middle name is chicken little!

In between sewing and beading and fretting about everything we also had to save a mouse! Luckily the mouse was not in our house (hehe I rhymed) but he did come very close to getting gobbled up by the neighbours cat "tommy". "Tommy" is ferocious when it comes to catching and eating small furry things and we just couldn't let this poor little guy get eaten. I got James to scoop him into a box and it was then that we noticed that the poor little fella had only one eye! His fur was the most lovely shad of grey/brown and his little paws were so tiny. I admit that I did toy with the idea of keeping him, but figured that was probably not a good idea. So we took him down to the ravine at the end of our street and found a good little home for him. Trust me I know that he probably is not much better down there, but I have concocted this little idea that we reunited him with his family that has been looking for him. Please don't think poorly of me, I really don't have the mentality of a child but I was so obsessed with "Fival Mousekawitz" when I was a kid so, yeah anyway.

So if you are in the Woodbine and Danforth area this weekend pop by, it should be a lovely fall weekend in the city. Hope your enjoying the first tastes of autumn! I love the crisp chill in the air, it really does freshen everything up. oh and I do have more farmers wife blocks done so I will probably get those posted early next week.

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