Saturday, September 24, 2011

is this crazy?

Good morning SUNSHINE! Hope everything is well will all of you out there, up to crafty-ness I hope. I have had a bit of a break from all things crafty this week. After last weekends art show I am pooped, and since everyone around me is getting the flew I figured I should just take it easy and have a little break from anything that required any brain cells. This meant a week of watching a lot of tv, some movies, playing some video games with James, choosing the fabric and cutting out the pieces for a couple more farmers wife blocks.

Also, and I am not proud of this last one...scanning the cat! yep, scanning the cat. I have seen these pics in a few places online and thought they look super cool, I wondered if my tiny beast would sit still long enough for the scanner to do it's thing. Well he did, and I must say that the result is way cool, the poor cat, I have now become obsessed! I even have thoughts of grabbing cats off the street to throw them on the scanner, that is not a sane thought! Our little Ollie is a cat we took in, he had spent a winter living outside my grandparents apartment, and you can actually see where his little paws had frost bite and will never fully heal. I also feel bad looking at his front paws, whoever had him first had him de-clawed, which seems so very cruel to me.

Anyway, not much crafty happening here, my hopes are today that I will be able to take a trip to my favourite fabric store in town, "The Workroom". I want to pick up some new embroiderey floss, the kind with sparkles, and I have my eye on a few fat quarters as well. My goal with the farmer's wife quilt was to only use things from my stash, ha, that really hasn't happened. Mind you a stash is ever growing is it not?!

Enjoy today!

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