Sunday, August 28, 2011

farmer's wife catch up...

So we are back in the city now after a too short trip to PEI. My heart hurts I want to be back there so badly. I love it there, taking Fergus to the beach for swims every night, helping Jen pick the fresh organic veggies...and stealing some for myself throughout the day. BIG SIGH! Anyway the purpose of this post is to catch up to the group. Here are weeks #11, #12, and #13. I am still a bit bad at posting anything on this blog on a regular basis, so my mid year resolution is to at least keep up with the Wednesday quilt along posts. Fingers crossed.

I am also trying to learn new things about the blogging thing and posting to flickr. Man I find it kinda tricky, I have a whole new respect for those bloggers that post all the time and have funky stuff happening on there pages. Phew, just when I think I have it figured out something goes screwy.

Week #11, blocks #26 & #54

Week #12, blocks #1 & #30

Week #13, blocks #23 & #98

As always I would really love any comments you may have. I am finding it tricky these days to pull fabric, can you believe it. It is part sickness that I hate to cut into the big pieces in my stash, but I keep saying to myself, that's what it's there for, to get used!!! I talk to myself on a regular basis it seems, I just hope I am not doing it in public! How do you pick your fabrics? Any tips would be great...Also, check out the flickr group, there are lots of great things happening there.

Enjoy the the last days of summer...isn't the blustery day just lovely? If I close my eyes really tight I can almost believe I am standing in the red dirt fields just outside the farm, munching on a freshly pulled carrot. Dirt and all.


  1. I like when you fussy cut some of the fabrics. I especially love your birds, including the owls. Have fun with your fabrics and use them. Then you'll have an excuse to buy more!

    Here's my blog if you'd like to see my fabric choices. I am using scraps left over from other projects, although I will occasionally go to my wonderful local fabric store and add to my "scraps!"

  2. I really like your blocks and the color choices. It's so hard to cut into those "holy" fabrics isn't it! I have lots of big pieces that are just waiting for the right quilt andI don't want to cut little bits out of them in case I find the perfect pattern and don't have enough. I am doing my blocks from a BOM through Homestead Hearth so I don't have as much drama with the fabric choices..almost like cheating really.
    Is PEI Prince Edward Island? Is that Anne of Green Gables country? Loved those books. cheers Linni

  3. thanks for all the positive encouragement!! I am always so excited to see that there are new comments, so thanks!

    Starwood Quilter: fussy cutting is new for me, I usually like to make the most out of the fabric but it's nice to highlight aspects of each fabric.

    Linni: PEI is Prince Edward Island, home to Anne. We have family land there and go every year for a visit. We call it "down home". One of the best places to visit in Canada!!