Saturday, April 30, 2011

beautiful day....

Spring is in the air today. The gardens, both front and back, have plenty of things popping out of the ground, I am so excited to see what has survived the winter hibernation! The birds even seem happier with the day. I am always trying to keep busy so here are just a few pics of what I am working on right now...Enjoy your spring day!

I joined the Umbrella Prints competition for a challenge, and let me tell you it has been! I look forward to seeing what everyone else has come up with for the contest. I am still sewing things up even though we are very close to the deadline!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

OH MY, has it really only been a week....

Well I find it funny the last time I posted a little snippet on this here blog, was another day of unexpected snow, today is the same. What a week we have had, so crazy I cant even believe it has really only been 7 days of crazy. We both feel like we have aged about a month or so, we need a vacation just to recoup from the stress of this week.

It started last Sunday, when we ended up with our big hairy beast, Fergus, at the 24hr Emergency Vet downtown. After finding blood in a few spots all over the house we discovered that the tumor on his tail, that we had been told to "monitor" had ruptured! Or as James liked to say exploded!! Yep, ick...and after about 4 hours and a really stressful visit with the vet we left with Fergus' tail bandaged up and the thought that we may have to amputate his tail!! Yep, they actually said maybe have to CUT OF my poor beasts tail!! On the Monday our vet gave us a much better prognosis, but it still meant surgery. It was a one day in and out and the poor guy came home groggy and still wagging his tail early evening on Tuesday. We moved the spare bed down to the living room and will be camping out until the staples get taken out of his tail in a couple of weeks.

I am posting a picture of his incision for posterity, so you may want to quickly scroll down if you don't want to see something icky, we find it quite interesting and stomach flipping at the same

It was such a upsetting few days that we both didn't think to get a snap of his tail when it was wrapped up so here it is after we took off the protective bandage. On a funny note, the hairy beasts hair has already started to grow back!

The crazy start to the week was helping to keep my mind of my final driving test, but come about Thursday morning I was really starting to freak out again. When I was young I grew up close to a subway line and never really needed to get my drivers license. Plus, if I am being totally truthful, it always freaked me out. I have had my current learners permit for the last 4 1/2 ish years and had done the G2 test but needed to go back for the final G license test. Well I know it is already to long for a "long story short", but I PASSED!! Thank goodness, I tried to relax while waiting for the test giver to get in the car by blaring Adele's new cd in the car, it worked a bit I guess. Then after about 20 minutes of nerve racking, anxiety causing highway driving, parallel parking it was over, and I felt like I could just throw up from the anxiety!! BUT, it's over and I will not have to do another driving test EVER!!

You may be saying okay well that is not so bad, what are you whining about? Well we also have a two day wedding to attend this weekend. It is going to be a very interesting experience. Neither of us have ever been to a Sikh wedding and we were looking forward to a beautiful and new experience. The anxiety comes in because I decided to wear a sari! Yep, a sari! So yesterday was the ceremony part and it was beautiful, the rich culture, yummy food, warm people and rich colours were amazing. Tonight, is the reception with lots more food and people, and a chance to wear my sari once more.

On a side note I have been up to some crafty goodness...I will post again soonish to share pics from the wedding and to talk about this trimmings contest I joined...

Enjoy your snowy day...