Monday, March 29, 2010

hair, hair, HAIR !

I will start by saying, I LOVE MY DOG, I do, but at this time of year I wish that I had an in house maid that would vacuum a couple of times a day, or that Fergus could actually vacuum up his own hair. I cant keep up, and I cant believe that the old guy isn't bald, but he is just to cute to get that angry with. He snores just as loud as my husband, has the softest ears ever, and yes I admit I am one of those people that loves the smell of dog paws. He is happy to see me no matter what and he will listen with great attention to my complaints no matter how crazy and insecure they are. So even though the season change means a boat load of more dog hair everywhere, and that I can pull it out in clumps faster than the brush can take it out, I still LOVE MY BEAST!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where are the weeks going?

Here we are and nearly April, with easter just around the corner. I had a busy week full of life's big, little, confusing, things, with a little anticipation and worry thrown in. I did finish another quilt! Using my $2.95 a yard Ikea bird fabric, I tried out an old quilt block style called a "snowball". It went together pretty quickly (which having a self diagnosed case of mild ADD) it worked out rather well. After I finished the inside of the topper I decided it needed a bit of something so I added the bright inner border, a vibrant Kona solid, and the larger printed outer border, that has lovely flecks of gold throughout.

I hate the binding stage, I did have a helper though, he is not a very fast sewer but he sure is cute! It does not fail that every time I am binding or laying out a quilt to baste, that I always have the cat and my 80 pound lab Fergus, as my trusty sidekicks, I keep trying to teach them how to baste! No such luck yet.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I had a thought....

I declare...well I feel anyway, that when we have a day in mid march that the temperature hits 15+, and the sun is shinning, we should all have a mandatory free day!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blogs I love....

This blog thing is kinda new to me, the thing I like the most is just stumbling upon blogs by people that just are two great finds.

a real gentleman
full of pure thought...and loveliness...i will try and ice cakes like this...sigh

Is it really March...

This week in Toronto we are having some pretty unseasonal weather...hitting 15+ wakes you up a bit and is helping pull me a little out of the darkness I am in. I was poking around the garden a bit and found this little guys shooting out of the ground! Does this mean spring is really here? I also watched the ivy on the side of the house a little, it is home to numerous families of sparrows...they are just to button. I really have to trim the ivy back because it is growing wild but I am afraid of disturbing the sparrow families. In the mornings you can hear them chattering and if you are watching from outside you can some them dancing around and then exit there homes all at once! We have a little side window on the second floor and the ivy is starting to cover the over the space, my hopes is that a sparrow family may make a home and we can watch a little family. Our cat really loves watching the goings on out that window.

happy St. Patrics Day!

To celebrate the day I found a few things green....

Hens and chickens wall art! I love the look of this and I am inspired to try this during the summer on the front porch. I have a very empty wall in need of some green art.

I found this pic on flikr in "ecstaticist" images. Love the macro photography. The final picture of the day is an art installation, green graffiti by artist Edina Tokodi. So creative and super cute! Brought a smile to my face, I wonder how it was done. I love when people come up with unique ideas.

Friday, March 5, 2010

must do this more often...

I walked home from work this week, it was great! The cool weather blew all the crap straight out of my head. On the way I picked up some "Spring -celebrate the season change" tulips. For $5.00 I got a vase full of pretty, must do the walk more often...not a very pretty walk but I put the IPOD on and just trucked it.

Quilt #1 of the year!

I have a few things to record for this week, I am a little proud that at least I have tangible things to put my thumb on to show for the week. Feel free if your reading this to just look at the pictures.

Last week we handed over the memory quilt to a special friend, today is the day it gets past on to the birthday girl. I cant wait to hear how she reacted to the surprise. Here are some poor quality pics of that quilt, I cant figure out how to get good shots of quilts to really get across how fantastic they look, so I just took a close up.

I have a few favourite pictures from the quilt, it was great to learn the stories behind each one, here are my two favourites.

Ann and Lloyd in a field my head I have created a little story that goes along with this picture, I wont share it, create your own. I love the tree line, the newspaper she is sitting on, the sock line he has on his ankles and of course the kiss...everything seems just perfect.
Love it! Just the look on his face gets me everytime...this was there very first date, taken in a photo booth. I think they booth new they were going to be together...the twinkle in both of there eyes and the way he is holding her hand...

On a sad note we lost Lloyd in October 2009....was a very bad year for our families (more on that later) He was, I hate usuing past tense because he is a good man not was. From there first date they started to build a life together, one that lasted many years.

In a fog...

This week just flew by and I really don't know where the time and days went. Sometimes I feel that I wake up wishing the day was over, even before it has begun. This is not the attitude I want to swim through life with.

I guess sadness is just going to take some time to get out of my system. I know it will show up now and again just to remind me of the people that I have lost. I have been humming this song in my head and I was told also out loud at times. It's by the Swell Season and as of the past year they are my favourite group. Here is the song from there performance at Radio City Music Hall in NY.(I was lucky enough to attend!! More on that later)

If you like this PLEASE check them out and support them, so wonderful.