Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a perfect day....

I was lucky enough to get all three days of the long weekend off. Juicy watermelon bought and all the supplies for a great few days of barbecue. The weather was wonderfully warm, but, there is a but, I came down with some sort of bug that just took all the wind out of my sails. It started on Thursday night and just zapped me, so out of my three days off, two were spent in the house on the couch watching movies.

Sunday night I was getting a bit more energy and was feeling a bit lousy about not getting any sewing done. I have a baby shower to go to in June and I have a ton of scrap fabric left from a baby quilt I made about a year ago, so I decided to try and whip something together. James new that I was feeling bad about spending such a gorgeous weekend cooped up in the house so on Monday morning he moved my sewing room outside to the backyard. So there I sat under our 90 year old maple tree listening to music and the birds, and sewing away. It was the most perfect peaceful day I have had in a long time. Good for ones soul, this will definitely happen again!

Now, I didn't know he was doing this but James snapped a couple of pics of me while I was out enjoying my day in the backyard. So here I am enjoying the great day of sewing. I was only disturbed a couple of times, by ants peeking at me from the top of my sewing machine, and one other time that was a little more traumatic! I wont share it was terrible. The baby quilt is almost done, I will post pics when it is all finished...I had a very productive day!

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekends as well!

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