Saturday, May 8, 2010

windy, chilly, gloomy....oh my.

Wow, today is a bit of a shock to the system, it's so chilly and windy. Mom, Zoe and I went to Humber Nurseries to celebrate mothers day early, I have to work tomorrow. Picked up some really great hostas for the them, hopefully they will survive the dog, and squirrels! They also have a big selection of pond plants and koi fish, I love when they come up to the surface of the tank looking for food. Forgot my camera but took some snaps with my camera phone, now I just have to figure out how to get them out of the phone!

I finally asked James (IT support) probably would not have figured it out on my own without much screaming at the various electronic devices, here is a pic of the little tiny koi, they cost about $15 bucks each! For a fish, there cute, but a pretty pricey meal for our neighbourhood racoons!

I love a gloomy day, warm cups of tea and a good book, although the one I am reading right now is a little to weird even for me. Something has my hackles up, and I don't know what...hopefully today will end the last month and a half of unexpected drama which will make life seem a bit more sane. One can only hope. I am also without a sewing project and feel a bit lost. I did splurge a bit this week and bought a couple of new inspiration magazines, and the big Martha Stewart Craft book. I love the pictures and ideas in the "Marie Claire" magazine but it's in french, but I couldn't walk away from it. My french is okay but not that okay, hopefully this will help make it a bit better...ha, I doubt it!

The big debate right now is do I want to spend the money to enter my first craft show in our neighborhood park?! Hmmm, I don't know, nothing ventured nothing gained I suppose. Oh and I found something that made James and I just cry we laughed so much. Sometimes after you laugh so hard you don't really know why you found it so funny but it's still great to laugh, so here it is...hopefully you see what we saw.

Snuggie for your dogs!! Here is the front of the box....

Here is the back, which got even more laughs! Since I didn't have my camera this day either, we were just doing some mundane household shopping. I had to use the camera phone again as well so the pics are a little fuzzy but look closely. Yes, that is a dog sitting with the remote, and another pair playing a game of backgammon!

Enjoy the blustery day, and the angry clouds, just cuddle up with something furry on the couch and watch a good movie, and don't forget to laugh...really laugh!

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