Wednesday, June 16, 2010

quilt has a new home....

Well I gave away my latest baby quilt a couple of weekends past. We had to drive to Merlin, Ontario...the weekend of the class 2 tornado. It was a little windy and rainy...putting it mildly! I hope the baby actually is a just never know until they are actually here, fingers crossed. Here are some pics from our overnight stay and the finished quilt.

Here it is, it turned out alright...I really hate all the rotary cutting involved in doing squares like this but, love the boxed in look. I also made a little label for the bake. One of the things I never remember to do is put labels on finished quilts. My hand embroidery needs a bit of work!!

We spent the night with James uncles house, he has a lovely big back garden with plenty of animal visitors and a lovely run down barn in the back. My heart was day dreaming about fixing it up into a lovely quilt studio on the main floor and a cozy place to have tea a read a book on the second floor, that would be used on those rainy days...sigh. We were trying out a new technique called HDR imaging....basically you take three pics at three different exposure settings and you layer them all together. You get some really fantastic images...the colours just get totally the naked eye the red did not pop as much as it does in the picture. To cool...we will be playing with this a bit more.

A wee little friend, hopefully we didn't scar him too much!

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  1. Hello -
    I stumbled across your blog while looking for modern quilt patterns. I really like the baby quilt you posted recently. Would you mind telling me the name of the pattern? I also really like your quilt on the Modern Quilt Guild website, the one with the long, skinny strips and the mermaid fabric. Could you tell me about that pattern too?
    Thanks so much!
    Rachel Horton