Monday, May 10, 2010

cant sleep....

Well this seems to be happening more regularly than I would like. I come home from work, cook dinner, and then it's like someone has pulled my plug, I have to spark left do to anything. Then around 11:30pm I start to get some juice back and then I am restless until about 2:30am. AAAGGGGHHH. So I surf the net, tidy now and again, very rarely tidy, or read. Tonight is one of the tidy with a hole lot of computer. Here is a lovely pic that I found surfing the net...I forgot to grab the picture info before I closed the window, so sorry to whomever this picture belongs to, it really is lovely.

I am going to try something new, a song of the week. This weeks song is very hauntingly beautiful, with lyrics that are sad and loving all at once. Sometimes how life is I guess.

Some back story on how this song came into my life. James and I, on a whim went to New York in January to see the Swell Season at Radio City Music Hall, what a treat, we had a time that will never be forgotten or repeated in quite the same way. The Swell Season put on an amazing show, they are wonderful in concert...the best concert I have EVER been to! Their opening act was this guy named Josh Ritter, this is his song it's called "The Curse" from his new album "so runs the world away". I will play it until I cant stand to listen to it anymore...and then I will stop playing it for awhile....

I was trying to figure out how to plunk the song in the post but alas, I am not sure there is a way to do that soooo, I added the "blogy song play list thingy", I am sure that is the technical term, at the bottom. Right now it only has one song, but I will try to have a song of the week every week. That may be to much commitment but I will try. Please scroll down and leave a comment or recommendation if you like.

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