Friday, March 5, 2010

Quilt #1 of the year!

I have a few things to record for this week, I am a little proud that at least I have tangible things to put my thumb on to show for the week. Feel free if your reading this to just look at the pictures.

Last week we handed over the memory quilt to a special friend, today is the day it gets past on to the birthday girl. I cant wait to hear how she reacted to the surprise. Here are some poor quality pics of that quilt, I cant figure out how to get good shots of quilts to really get across how fantastic they look, so I just took a close up.

I have a few favourite pictures from the quilt, it was great to learn the stories behind each one, here are my two favourites.

Ann and Lloyd in a field my head I have created a little story that goes along with this picture, I wont share it, create your own. I love the tree line, the newspaper she is sitting on, the sock line he has on his ankles and of course the kiss...everything seems just perfect.
Love it! Just the look on his face gets me everytime...this was there very first date, taken in a photo booth. I think they booth new they were going to be together...the twinkle in both of there eyes and the way he is holding her hand...

On a sad note we lost Lloyd in October 2009....was a very bad year for our families (more on that later) He was, I hate usuing past tense because he is a good man not was. From there first date they started to build a life together, one that lasted many years.

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