Monday, March 29, 2010

hair, hair, HAIR !

I will start by saying, I LOVE MY DOG, I do, but at this time of year I wish that I had an in house maid that would vacuum a couple of times a day, or that Fergus could actually vacuum up his own hair. I cant keep up, and I cant believe that the old guy isn't bald, but he is just to cute to get that angry with. He snores just as loud as my husband, has the softest ears ever, and yes I admit I am one of those people that loves the smell of dog paws. He is happy to see me no matter what and he will listen with great attention to my complaints no matter how crazy and insecure they are. So even though the season change means a boat load of more dog hair everywhere, and that I can pull it out in clumps faster than the brush can take it out, I still LOVE MY BEAST!


  1. Fergus is adorable! I also love the smell of doggie paws: they smell like popcorn.

  2. I must admit, your dog is very lovable looking! I'm not a big dog lover, either. Cats are more to my liking - but, unfortunately my husband is allergic to all fur - so, we have birds. And a few fish. How exciting. Not.

    Love your blog - you seem like a down to earth kinda gal - and that quilt is gorgeous!

    I've only just started quilting - I'm on my seventh quilt... I'm trying to decide to free motion this one or stitch in the ditch... also wondering if I should try quilting it in sections to avoid the bulk - but I'm afraid the back will look crappy if I do that...

    What cha think?

    I'm gonna follow your blog!