Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is it really March...

This week in Toronto we are having some pretty unseasonal weather...hitting 15+ wakes you up a bit and is helping pull me a little out of the darkness I am in. I was poking around the garden a bit and found this little guys shooting out of the ground! Does this mean spring is really here? I also watched the ivy on the side of the house a little, it is home to numerous families of sparrows...they are just to button. I really have to trim the ivy back because it is growing wild but I am afraid of disturbing the sparrow families. In the mornings you can hear them chattering and if you are watching from outside you can some them dancing around and then exit there homes all at once! We have a little side window on the second floor and the ivy is starting to cover the over the space, my hopes is that a sparrow family may make a home and we can watch a little family. Our cat really loves watching the goings on out that window.

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