Friday, August 20, 2010


I have been a little busy this past couple of weeks but I did manage to do some preserving. My Mom taught me when I was young the basics to making preserves...we come from good Ukrainian stock so we would always make our own pickles. I digress, so as I was biting into the fresh summer peaches, warm from the car, a light bulb went on and I decided to jump right in and do some jarred peaches.

In progress, the colours were just so fantastic, so rich, they just made your mouth water. The yummy smell filtering through the house and the warm glow from the jars. The first batch was "tested" by James and got a very big thumbs up. So away I went, stocking up on warm summer peaches that we can eat during the winter when we want a bit of warmth.

This evening is that start of our vacation, I cant wait. We will be driving to PEI sunday night, we are going to try driving straight threw. Lets see how that goes...I love the excitement of packing up the car, even the dog starts to feel excited. I will pack a cooler with drinks and sandwhiches and another bag for treats. I love seeing the country, breathing in the cool fresh air. As we get closer and closer to my grandparents little cottage, my heart swells and feels a little lighter. We will have two weeks of being unconnected...even though the farm finally got WIFI...ain't progress grand...actually I am still undecided on that. Long walks on the beach when the tide is out, Fergus will get to swim and dig for his tennis ball, and I will get to dream of a small little shop all of my own in "Victoria by the sea" or what ever other idea I have come up with on the 20 hour car ride.

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