Friday, November 4, 2011

more farmer's blocks...and a new obsession.

So, I am again a bit behind on my farmer's blocks quilt thingy that just seems to be the way it is. I am trying not to stress it, but man I am stressed. On a happy note we are closer to CHRISTMAS, and it's true what they say, "it's the most wonderful time of the year!" I am rambling so here are my blocks, for weeks #21 and #22...

week #21 : blocks #10 & #74

So, I am really in love with these blocks, mind I seem to say that after I make every set of blocks. So, I just have sort of jumped into this quilt without a clear sense of colour, theme, or feeling. My only goal was to learn how to do some more complicated piecing and use some of those fabrics in the stash, that just sit and look pretty. It is just great using a whack of different fabrics that so far seem to all be working together. All the blocks stay up on the quilt board thingy and week to week I decide what is lacking in terms of colour and go at it.

week #22 : blocks #31 & #47

The way I am picking out my blocks for the week is just randomly flicking through the book and stopping on a page. Whatever is on those two pages are that weeks blocks. So block #31 was a piece of cake, block #47 not so much. In the pic it doesn't look that bad but in person it's not quite there. The seams just don't match up, and it really bugs me, so I may have to stitch rip this one and try again. If anyone has any tips on getting this one done, it would be much appreciated!

On to the second part of my post, my new obsession. Well, it seems crazy but it's old paint by numbers paintings. James and I found some old paint by numbers pics at a junk shop and well they had to come home with us. It is to late tonight to share pics of them, but when I post again I will try and show you. I have a picture in my head of collecting a whole whack of them in different sizes and doing an entire wall in them, I just think they are so charming. I love the idea that someone put a lot of time into getting them done and that they sort of have become artists. SO....I challenge you to go to your local art store and buy the most kitchy paint by numbers you can find, I swear you will love it!

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  1. Hello saw your comment on another blog and popped over to check it out. I'm doing a quilt along for the farmer's wife in January. They look really great and can't wait to see more of them :) I hope your having a Merry Christmas!