Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a new year...

Already only 11 days in and I feel behind the eight ball!

Oh my, I have gotten a few projects finished already, and have a few more planned. Last week I had 3, yes 3, days off! With all this crafty time laying in front of me and wanting to finish an old project, that was making many parts of me twitch, I set to work. During our vacation to PEI this summer I made another quilt top using a pattern that makes you cut the finish quilt top into sections. Then re-sew them together and put borders around the outside. When it came time to lay it out and quilt it, well, it was not working at all, one word, well two, REALLY WONKY! The inside was quilted with basic straight lines, and when it came to quilting the borders nothing was laying flat. So it was put away for a few months. I pulled it out again this weekend, and beat it into submission! The borders had to be stitch ripped off and re-sewn, and then ripped off again and re-sewn, but I beat it. The binding was made and pinned on and is awaiting a needle and thread, but after a day of work I didn't want to look at it anymore.

Before Christmas I made a set of pillow cases as a gift and fell in love with how simple and rewarding they were to make. With pillowcases you also have the chance to buy and enjoy your favourite fabrics in larger quantity, which for any fabric hoarder is a good thing. Using the tutorial here, and using fabric I picked up at "The Workroom" they were done in about and hour and a bit, and to brag a little, they look FANTASTIC! I can see that there might be a whole lotta pillowcases in my future.

Oh and here is a picture of the Christmas wreath I made this year. Oops I guess last year now. It turned out a lot better than anticipated and I think will become a new obsession!

Happy sewing, and enjoy the snow, hopefully Toronto will see a lot!

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