Saturday, November 6, 2010

snails, and puppy dogs tails...

So we are off to Merlin today (north of Windsor) for another baby shower. As usual we are running behind, but on this chilly Saturday morning we are having trouble getting the engines running. It is definitely a warm tea and pajama day, but I just wanted to make a quick little post with some crafty news. Here is a pic of the baby quilt I made for the shower, boy quilts are HARD! There is not that much fun boy fabric out there that appeals to me, but I think this one turned out pretty good. The quilt is backed with a warm printed flannel, I love to back quilts with flannel, it makes them that much more cozy. A great blue dot bias tape was added late last night, hopefully the little one to be and his mommy will love it as much as I do.

On other crafty news, I have turned into a WIP girl, I'm usually pretty good with starting projects and finishing them, but the last couple of months I have started 3 quilts that are all at various stages of completion. Bias tape is my nemesis, so that explains one, the others well they are time consuming and my self diagnosed ADD as kicked in, I will use that as an excuse. One of the quilts I have started is the dresden plate block. This sort of quilt is new to me because it uses something other than squares or rectangles and is a lot of piecing. It's a bit daunting but so far I think it is turning out pretty good. I have a lot of vintage feel feedsack fabrics left over from another quilt I started, that I was not to afraid to chop up so I am using those.

Blades for the rings all cut and sorted, ready to be sewn together.

This time around I tried string stitching, I think that is what it's called. Instead of stopping and starting I just kept feeding another piece into the machine, it was scary at first, but the more you do the easier it gets, and it saves so much time!

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