Friday, September 24, 2010

its been awhile...

I really have to try and not start every blog post with those three little tiny words! Life has been very busy since getting back from our vacation. I am missing the tiny island very much, and dreaming of next summer already. Three is lots to post first craft show, my birthday was this month, lots of sewing...but I am oh so tired tonight so I will only post some pics I have been meaning to post and tell you to head to the bottom of the page to the music player and listen to my latest obsession "Mumford & Sons". I love em' I quite like the entire disc and we are actually thinking about going to Montreal for there concert...keeping fingers crossed for that one.

I am very intrigued by these hanging gardens...and I am wondering if it is very hard to you yourself. I am very bad at actually keeping potted plants alive though, and I would think you have to be very vigilant about keeping this watered.

Enjoy the blustery night!

1 comment:

  1. they aren't hard to make. but you can McGyver (sp?) something to get the illusion while making it easier to keep watered.

    I also like Mumford and Sons. I actually quite like your playlist!

    enjoy your day.